Cleaning your cat’s teeth

Cats suffer from the same problems as we do when it comes to keeping their teeth clean and if owners do not have a strategy to deal with this then plaque will build up. Heavy plaque buildup will lead to pain for the cat, a refusal to eat, and eventually teeth loss.

Teeth cleaning cat food

Naturally, a vet can clean your cat’s teeth but there are other options to consider. The easiest by far is to buy a special kind of cat food which loosens plaque, your cat will find this method agreeable and it should be enough to ensure they have healthy teeth. Many of the specialist teeth cleaning foods are also high in fat so they should be used relatively sparingly.      

Brushing your cat’s teeth

Your other option is to clean your cat’s teeth yourself. If you decide to give this a try, then good luck. The reality is that, unless your cat gets used to it from an early age, they are very unlikely to enjoy or even to allow you to brush their teeth. If brushing is started when they are kittens, then you can build up your cat’s tolerance for it. Regular brushing ensures their teeth remain in great shape; it will also have the added side benefit of improving their breath.

You can buy cat toothpaste at the vets, there is even a fish flavoured variety, and you could try rubbing the paste on with your finger to begin with and then try using a soft toothbrush once they get used to it. Just make sure you are gentle.

Warning signs your cat has dental problems

Signs that your cat’s teeth are in a poor state are similar to the warning signs for humans. Watch out for bleeding gums, yellowing of the teeth, cracked or broken teeth, and excessively bad breath. If in doubt, consult your vet.